Home Energy Services
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Home Energy Audit - Using proven building science methods, we can analyze an existing residential building to determine sources of excessive energy and water consumption, drafty spaces, uncomfortable temperatures, and poor indoor air quality. We then make recommendations based on our findings and help you identify qualified contractors to fix those problems. Once the analysis is completed, we can guide you in qualifying for an Energy Efficient Mortgage as part of a refinancing transaction that could pay for the cost of building improvements.

Extreme Energy-Efficient Remodeling - Starting at the design stage we can assist you in identifying systems, materials, and construction techniques that can drastically reduce the impact of your remodeled space on the environment. We are happy to work with do-it-yourselfers (we have extensive owner-builder experience), as well as developers, builders, and architects.

Green Building Project Ratings - If you would like to get an objective assessment of a building's green performance, we are certified to do a variety of well-known California and national ratings for new, existing, and remodeled buildings: Energy Star for Homes, Green Point Rated, LEED for Homes, NAHB green ratings, and HERS Ratings.

Title 24 Analysis and Consulting - Most building permits issued in the state of California require a building energy analysis. We are certified by CABEC (California Association of Building Energy Consultants) to do this analysis for residential buildings. We take special care to help you design an extremely energy-efficient building.

HERS Inspections
- The California Title 24 energy code may require special inspections as part of the building or remodeling process. We are certified by CHEERS (California Home Energy Efficiency Rating Services) and RESNET (Residential Energy Services Network) to do these inspections.

HERS Ratings - HERS Ratings, a national energy-efficiency rating system managed by RESNET, can tell you how energy-efficient your home is compared to a national baseline building. HERS Ratings are required for qualifying for an Energy Efficient Mortgage.

Rebate Analysis and Assistance - We are well versed in various federal, state, and California utility rebate programs. We can help you sort through the complicated maze of choices and make recommendations for remodel and new construction projects. It's entirely possible that a combination of rebates and tax credits can pay for our services and help pay for energy-efficient upgrades to an existing building or green construction techniques on a new building project.
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